What Are the Qualifications for Short-Term Disability in PA?


  • Short-term disability is a financial safety net for individuals temporarily unable to work, aiming to partially replace lost income during medical incapacitation.
  • Eligibility criteria include types of employment, adherence to insurance policy conditions, and documentation of a medical condition that affects work capability.
  • A broad spectrum of conditions may qualify, from physical and mental impairments to chronic pain and serious injuries, and how insurers or SSDI assesses them.
  • Explore the complex relationship between workers’ compensation, SSDI, and short-term disability in Pennsylvania and how these benefits influence each other.
  • There are expectations around financial assistance, including benefit amounts, waiting periods before benefits start, and coverage duration, with strategies to prepare for reduced income.
  • Preparation involves understanding policy specifics, creating a budget for reduced income periods, and exploring state-specific supplements to manage finances effectively during disability.
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Staying Safe: Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Bites in PA

Imagine you’re taking a peaceful stroll in a neighborhood park, soaking in the beauty of nature. Suddenly, a dog breaks free from its owner and comes charging at you out of the blue. You try to stay calm and not escalate things, but it ends up biting your leg, causing pain and a bit of panic. This unexpected situation leaves you with physical injuries and many questions on how to proceed.

How do you proceed? Are you or the owner liable for the attack? Who will pay for your medical costs? These are all reasonable questions to have after being bitten by a dog. However, to make sure you are physically and legally safe after a dog bite, it is important to arm yourself with the knowledge you need to understand what you should do after a severe injury from a dog bite.

In this blog post, we will discuss the most frequently asked questions about dog bites in PA, dog bite liability laws, and other questions you may have about being a dog bite victim. In addition to questions about Pennsylvania dog bite laws, we’ll also discuss liability, if you need to call your insurance company, and how to document medical treatment after being bitten by a dangerous dog.


  • In Pennsylvania, dog bite incidents are governed by a mix of state laws and local regulations
  • The Commonwealth’s law holds dog owners accountable for damages if their dog injures someone, regardless of the animal’s past behavior or the owner’s knowledge
  • The “one-bite” rule is not applicable in Pennsylvania
  • In cases where a dog has shown previous aggression or the dog’s dangerous propensities have been officially labeled dangerous, owners may face stricter penalties
  • If bitten, it is crucial to seek immediate medical attention and report the incident to the appropriate authorities
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Frequently Asked Questions About Light Work Duty After A Workplace Injury


  • Light duty is a temporary change in job duties following a work injury, involving fewer demanding tasks and possibly fewer hours to accommodate the employee’s recovery.
  • Modified duty alters your existing job to fit physical limitations, while light duty assigns new, less demanding tasks that align with medical restrictions.
  • It’s a short-term solution where injured workers can perform tasks within their medical limitations, sometimes including workers’ compensation benefits.
  • May include administrative tasks such as filing or data entry, and could permit working from home.
  • The pay might be less due to reduced tasks and hours, but partial workers’ compensation benefits could cover wage losses.
  • Light duty is active employment, not counted as lost time, thus not affecting workers’ compensation lost time cases.
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How Do Lump Settlements Work Under Workers Comp Laws in PA?


  • Injured workers in Pennsylvania are entitled to benefits under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act.
  • These benefits include coverage for medical expenses, lost wages, and vocational rehabilitation.
  • Lump-sum settlements in PA workers’ comp cases involve a one-time payment instead of ongoing benefits.
  • Both parties must agree on the settlement amount, which may require negotiation or mediation.
  • Factors to consider when deciding on a lump-sum settlement include immediate financial needs and potential future medical expenses.
  • There are significant benefits to choosing a lump-sum settlement, such as immediate access to all funds owed and greater financial flexibility.
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How Do I Know I Have a Case? And Other Frequently Asked Personal Injury Lawsuit Questions


  • A personal injury case is a legal dispute arising from harm or injury caused by the negligence of another party.
  • Examples of personal injury cases include slip-and-fall accidents, medical malpractice, product failures, workplace injuries, truck accidents, and car accidents.
  • To have a valid case, one must prove that the other party had a duty of care to protect them and neglected to exercise reasonable care, which then directly resulted in the injury.
  • In Pennsylvania, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury lawsuit is two years.
  • Three types of damages can be awarded in such cases: economic, non-economic, and punitive.
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A Workplace Injury Lawyer On How To Report A Work Accident To Your Employer


  • After suffering a workplace injury, it is important to seek immediate medical attention and make sure to document the incident with an accident or incident report form.
  • When filing for workers’ comp, you should include in the report a timeline of events, photos, medical bills and records, pay stubs, description of injuries, and any previous complaints about safety hazards or concerns at work.
  • It is important to report workplace accidents immediately as this can help bring unsafe conditions to light while giving you the time necessary to gather evidence for legal action. It also creates a paper trail that records the details of the incident and allows you to get necessary medical help while protecting your rights as an injured worker.
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Tips From A Car Accident Lawyer in PA On Preventing Distracted Driving


  • To prevent driving while distracted and the risk of motor vehicle crashes, focus solely on operating your motor vehicle and remove any distractions before getting into your car.
  • Prior to starting the journey, complete conversations with passengers to maintain attention on the road, thereby lowering the likelihood of car accidents.
  • Educating inexperienced drivers, especially teens, about the dangers and consequences of distracted driving is necessary to create a safe environment on the road.
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Full vs. Limited Tort in PA & What To Know About This Car Insurance

Imagine you’re driving to work one morning when out of nowhere, another vehicle collides with yours in a car accident. You’re startled, and your car has sustained considerable damage. Thankfully, you’re okay except for a few minor cuts and bruises. As you exchange insurance information with the other driver, you realize you’re unsure of the nature of your car insurance – specifically, whether you have car insurance that includes full or limited tort in PA.

This information is really important because it determines your rights to compensation for the accident. With full tort, you can make a claim for pain and suffering without any limitations, but with limited tort, you might only have this right if there’s a very serious injury. It’s a moment of uncertainty that emphasizes how crucial it is to understand the details of your insurance policy before anything happens.

In this blog post, we will discuss what both full and limited tort coverage is for car insurance, what the advantages and disadvantages are, and how to decide on what tort insurance is best for your family.

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Why Your Injury Attorney Wants You to Get Treatment After An Injury

Dealing with a personal injury can be a terrifying and unsettling experience. Every aspect of the journey can seem overwhelming, from the initial shock and physical discomfort to the complicated recovery process.

However, it’s not just the immediate challenges an injured person faces after the incident. The legal aspects of a personal injury case can add to their stress and anxiety.

One key piece of advice that your dedicated injury attorney will likely emphasize is the importance of seeking immediate medical care following an injury. While this advice may initially appear to be focused only on your well-being, there’s much more to it than meets the eye.

While it is true that your health and well-being should always be your top priority, understanding the importance of getting medical attention after an accident can help you and your personal injury lawyer out overall. This blog post will explain why personal injury lawyers insist on immediate medical attention post-injury, showing how this crucial step interacts with the personal injury claim or damages ahead.

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Ask Accident Lawyers: What Are Your Rights as a Pedestrian in PA?

Accident lawyers answer many questions when it comes to pedestrian accidents. Who should be held responsible when a pedestrian is harmed or loses their life in a collision with a bicycle, motorcycle, or any other motorized vehicle? Is it always the driver who is held responsible for accidents involving pedestrians? Or are pedestrians also expected to exercise caution?

Our accident lawyers at Westmoreland Injury Lawyers have heard these questions and more many times over the years, and we are ready to help you learn more about your rights as a pedestrian involved in an accident. Keep reading if you want to learn more about what to do if you are involved in this type of accident.

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