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Speak With a Work Injury Lawyer in Greensburg, PA, to Avoid These 3 Mistakes

“What happens if I get hurt at work?” concerns all workers, no matter their industry. From professional forklift operators to people who work in an office at a desk, there is a risk of injury. This loaded question is one we deal with frequently at Westmoreland Injury Lawyers.

As professional workers’ comp lawyers, we understand how the ins and outs of all the paperwork and legal jargon can be overwhelming for employees like yourself. And while our firm is small, we’re a mighty local team of attorneys and dedicated paralegals with over 30 years of workers’ compensation experience on our side. We understand how the workers’ compensation system works in Pennsylvania. Period.

 So, when you’ve experienced a workplace injury and want to speak with a work injury lawyer in Greensburg, PA, you deserve to speak with someone with experience in workplace injury laws, like us.

With our depth of experience, we have also seen plenty of easily avoidable mistakes that employees have made after they’re injured at work. Today, we’re going to discuss some of the most common errors we see with workers’ compensation claims and how you can better prevent them and protect yourself in the future.

Don’t Make These Mistakes After a Work Injury

Job injuries are hard to prepare for, as they often happen when you least expect them. If you’re reading this, you may have already had to deal with a work-related injury or are currently dealing with one. Filing a claim and putting up with the aftermath of what happens if you’re hurt at work is often emotionally and physically draining, which we’ve talked about previously on our blog.

We understand what you’re going through. We have many resources here that precisely discuss what workers’ compensation is, what the laws say, and how to file a workers’ compensation claim here in Pennsylvania. But not only that, we are work injury lawyers in Greensburg, PA, who care.

Our passion is helping our local neighbors get the compensation they deserve when they’ve been unfairly injured. We want to help you through this trying time and get to a place where you can heal your heart, mind, and body without worrying about paying the bills.

Most workers’ compensation articles give you some steps to take to report your work-related injury. But not all of them offer advice on the things that could hurt or possibly forfeit your case. So let’s go over some of the things you shouldn’t do when filing a workers’ comp claim in Pennsylvania!

1. Do Not Wait to Report the Incident

If you think you should wait to report the incident, don’t! No matter how big or small your personal injury is, you need to let your employer know if it happened at work or during work time. The longer you wait, the more your injury’s integrity may come into question.

In PA, the time limit on reporting your injury is 120 days from when you were first injured or fell ill, but don’t wait until the last minute. You owe it to yourself to be upfront about your injuries and get the compensation you deserve. Healing from your injuries will also be less stressful and go faster when you are not constantly worried about how to pay your bills. You can rest easy knowing you have compensation from your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.

And if you’re feeling nervous about coming forward to your employer about your injury, remember that workers’ comp claims are insurance processes, NOT suing your employer. We work hard to try to settle cases out of court anyway so that the process is as stress-free and effortless as possible.

What Happens if I Already Missed the Deadline to Report a Work-Related Incident?

When it comes to work-related injuries, quickly reporting them is always the best thing to do to ensure you are taken care of correctly. Pennsylvania requires that you report your injury within 120 days after the injury occurred to qualify for compensation. However, some people miss this deadline. While there may be some circumstances where you may still qualify for benefits after 120 days, in most cases, failure to file a petition before this deadline means you forfeit your right to benefits.

What If I’m a Remote Worker and Injury Myself While Doing My Job?

As more employers use a remote or hybrid workforce, there is some concern for those employees who work from home. The good news is that you’re also covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. But, in some cases, it may be even harder to prove you have a workers’ compensation case.

Each situation is different. For example, you may be entitled to benefits if you suffer a cumulative injury from repetitive movement, like typing. But, if you trip over your dog while getting coffee and hurt your arm, it may be harder to prove your case. In either circumstance, it’s best to consult with a work injury lawyer in Greensburg, PA.

2. Do Not Hold Off on Seeking a Medical Evaluation

When you’re injured on the job, you mustn’t hold off on seeking medical help. Even if the injury is minor, having it evaluated by a medical professional helps build up a trail of paperwork for your case—and get you the care you may not even know you need. A doctor will also be able to evaluate the severity of your injury, which helps with your workers’ compensation claim.

Also, don’t be alarmed if your employer has you seek medical care at a facility of their request. They likely have a list of pre-approved workers’ comp facilities from their insurance company. The critical thing to remember is that you can still receive follow-up care from your own preferred doctor.

What Happens if I Don’t get a Medical Evaluation After My Injury?

Having a medical professional provide you with an evaluation of your condition after your injury can be good evidence for your case. If you do not have this documentation from a medical professional, you will unlikely get compensation for your injury. Medical evaluation is a critical part of the workers’ comp process.

3. Never Hold Back About Injuries

Another mistake we often hear from clients is that they’ve had previous injuries at their workplace that went unreported. If you have one injury that gets worse or leads to another incident, and your first injury isn’t adequately documented, you risk losing your compensation for the second injury entirely.

There are also some cases where the injured party did not report the extent of their current work-related injury. So, for example, if you fall and hurt your knee, but are also experiencing back pain, don’t hold back to your doctor—report everything. If you report everything, even the things you feel might not be “as serious,” this can help you in the future. Even something that isn’t as serious at the moment can worsen over time and become exacerbated if left alone for too long.

If your back starts acting up after you were injured on the job and you didn’t report it in the initial doctor’s visit, it’s not going to look good for your workers’ comp claim. Instead, you’ll need a professional workers’ comp lawyer to help you sort out the situation.

Why is it Important to Document My Injury?

Documenting your injuries is important to the workers’ compensation claim process. Having copies of the medical records that detail your injuries can prove they were not pre-existing. If your injuries have some pre-existing origination, the medical records can prove that your condition worsened due to the workplace injury.

It’s also important to keep detailed notes of the accident, any treatment you receive, the medical advice given to you, and everyone involved. Talking to your co-workers who witnessed the accident can also help your work injury lawyer in Greensburg, PA, get the proper documentation needed to move your claim forward.

Injured at Work? Talk to an Experienced Work Injury Lawyer in Greensburg, PA!

Time is not on your side if you have been injured at work. In addition to having to report your injury within 120 days of the accident or incident, you also need proper documentation. It’s best to talk to co-workers or other witnesses to the accident as soon as possible while it’s fresh in their minds. If you wait too long, they might not remember or be fuzzy on the details, which could ultimately hurt your case.

You also want to contact a work injury lawyer in Greensburg, PA, as soon as possible. We can help ensure you fill out the worker’s compensation paperwork correctly, get the necessary documentation, and help protect your rights.

Here at Westmoreland Injury Lawyers, our primary focus is on personal injury cases like yours. We want you to get the compensation you need to pay your bills and get back on your feet as soon as possible. When you work with us, you’ll get experienced—and local—workers’ comp attorneys that can successfully navigate the system and help you keep your benefits.

Contact us today for more information on what happens if you get hurt at work, or visit our Greensburg, PA office for a FREE, no-obligation legal consultation.

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