How to Stay Safe and Informed During an FDA Recall of Your Medication

Our chapter on drug recalls within Your Complete Guide to Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer outlines just how frighteningly common FDA recall actions on pharmaceutical products are in the United States today. In that chapter, we also touched on some of the things you should do to protect yourself when your medication or other medical devices you rely on are discovered to be defective and officially recalled. 

Due to the recent—and still developing—Zantac recall, we are delving a little deeper into FDA recalls of prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines in today’s post. 

If you’re afraid you’ve been injured or have gotten sick from taking any recalled drug, contact an experienced personal injury attorney today. In the meantime, learn more about what to do when the FDA announces a drug recall for any medication you or your loved ones currently take or have used at any time in the past. 

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Your Complete Guide for When and How to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

When you are hurt in an auto accidenton the job, or due to a medical mistake, it’s easy to feel confused or overwhelmed in dealing with the aftermath. You may have expensive healthcare or even regular household bills that you have no idea how you can pay, especially if you are off work and have no paycheck coming in. You may have been unfairly treated by insurance companies, doctors, your employer, or others who should be trustworthy. Unfortunately, they are only looking out for their own best interests.

When experiencing these difficult times, you need someone looking out for you. That person can be an experienced personal injury attorney who can help you put a nightmarish situation behind you and get you the compensation and justice you deserve for your personal injury claim.

This guide aims to teach you everything you need to know when hiring a personal injury lawyer. It covers everything from how to find the most experienced and compassionate legal representation right in your local community to the common question, “why should I hire a personal injury attorney for my case?”

If you have already decided to contact a personal injury lawyer for your case, you can turn to Westmoreland Injury Lawyers. We can help you replace lost wages, deal with creditors, stop bill collectors, and fight back against those who have mistreated you.

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How to Hire a Drug Recall or Defective Drug Lawyer for Your Case

To pharmaceutical companies, you are just a faceless number purchasing their products and stuffing their pockets with cold, hard cash. That’s why when you have a drug recall or defective drug case, you need a drug recall lawyer who recognizes that you are more than a number. You are a person who has been wronged and needs recourse.

Each day, thousands of medications and medical devices are prescribed by doctors across the country. At the same time, people grab over-the-counter medications to treat various everyday maladies on their regular trips to the grocery store. What you may not know is that there are new drug recalls each week, and those recall lists may contain defective medications you assumed were harmless. Manufacturers must sometimes issue a recall for their products because they violate manufacturing or labeling laws and are endangering lives.

Westmoreland Injury Lawyers are experienced personal injury lawyers who care about you. We know how challenging dealing with a personal injury can be, especially for medication-related damages. We want to work with you to get the justice you deserve and give you peace of mind.

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Do You Have a Zantac Cancer Case? Call Our Law Firm in Greensburg, PA Right Now.

If you or a loved one have been taking Zantac or generic/store brand versions of the popular over-the-counter (OTC) heartburn remedy ranitidine, and you have been diagnosed with cancer of the bladder, uterus, stomach, kidneys, or liver, you need to call a personal injury attorney right away.

The lawyers in our Greensburg law office are  your best resource for determining whether you should file a Zantac cancer lawsuit in light of the current Zantac and ranitidine drug recall by the FDA.

Call us now, or continue reading for more information about this recalled drug and your rights as someone who has experienced an injury from it.

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Things You Should Know About a Drug Recall

Your Complete Guide to Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer – CHAPTER 6

Personal injury lawyers dedicate a great deal of their time to counseling clients through the often painful aftermath of medical malpractice experiences. But what about situations in which medical personnel did not act negligently, yet a healthcare matter still caused suffering when medicine or a medical device was discovered to be defective?

Often, patients don’t realize that their recalled medication—and even over-the-counter remedies—may be to blame for seemingly unrelated injuries and illnesses. This is why it’s imperative for anyone who has been exposed to a defective drug or device that is currently—or has ever been—under recall to seek experienced legal help about the issue.

Today’s blog post, which is the final chapter in our recent series guiding you through when and how to hire a personal injury lawyer, provides a closer look at what consumers need to know about drug recalls, which are frighteningly common today. Compassionate personal injury lawyers are on your side to hold Big Pharma accountable, and we want our friends and neighbors to know how we can help you protect yourself and your loved ones.

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Our Top Tips for Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Your Complete Guide to Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer – CHAPTER 1

Finding an experienced and compassionate personal injury lawyer who can fight for your rights when you’ve been hurt on the job, in an auto accident, or as the result of a medical mistake may seem like an intimidating or overwhelming task. However, with a little preparation and knowing the right questions to ask during an initial consultation, it doesn’t have to be.

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Valsartan Drug Recall: What You Need to Know Now

Do you or a loved one take medication for high blood pressure or a heart condition that contains valsartan? Or have you taken valsartan-containing medicine in the past? You could be at risk for certain cancers due to “unexpected impurities” discovered in some of these drugs.

Now the subject of an expanding recall and FDA investigation, valsartan is a generic ingredient contained in medications produced by a long list of drug manufacturers. And, while not all valsartan is being recalled, that originating from Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceuticals (Huahai) in China, has been found to be contaminated by probable carcinogens.

This means that long-term use of medications made with the tainted valsartan may cause cancer, particularly of the liver or colorectal systems, according to medical professionals and researchers. Continue reading “Valsartan Drug Recall: What You Need to Know Now”

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