Painful spine before chiropractic care and aligned spine after

Seeking Chiropractic Care for Auto Accident Injuries

The main reason to make sure you have adequate bodily injury liability limits set up on your auto insurance policy is to allow you to visit all the medical specialists—from life-saving surgeons to chiropractors and other therapists—who can aid your recovery from an auto accident injury.

After all, even minor fender benders can cause chronic aches and pains associated with neck trauma and whiplash injuries. And believe it or not, your seatbelt doing its job of restraining you in a collision can cause shoulder problems, which are a top complaint that chiropractic care treats for car accident victims. Deploying airbags, designed to save your life in serious crashes, can cause physical pain issues, as well.

As experienced personal injury lawyers right here in Greensburg, we can often get the best personal injury case results and most compensation following an auto injury for those who seek medical treatment promptly and who follow up with specialists, as needed.

With that in mind, today’s post gives you some insight on working with chiropractors, who have unique training to help accident victims move past their musculoskeletal pain and more on the road to recovery.  

Why You Should Consider Chiropractic Care After Any Auto Accident

While serious auto accidents will often require hospitalization and perhaps surgery for victims as early-stage treatment, you might walk away from a minor car crash without receiving any kind of medical care. However, failing to follow up with a doctor after being involved in an auto accident—large or small—is a mistake, especially if you’re considering hiring a personal injury lawyer to assist you with obtaining a fair auto injury settlement.

Even if you do not pursue legal action in your accident, you may discover later that you have ongoing pain, including headaches or back problems that you weren’t suffering from before—whether or not you experienced earlier treatment.

Sometimes, complications from an auto injury can take many months to surface, and if ignored, you may be in pain for years after the incident itself. In any case, chiropractors are uniquely qualified to assist with auto accident aftercare in a number of ways.

Get a Thorough Whiplash Injury Evaluation

Whiplash happens when the head is suddenly and/or violently jarred unnaturally, resulting in neck injury. It’s often a consequence of auto accident injuries—especially those sustained in rear-end collisions—but whiplash also commonly occurs in slip and fall incidents and other workplace accidents.

While whiplash doesn’t involve more serious trauma like broken bones, it can be incredibly painful and cause other complications, including headaches, radiating upper body pain, and even vision and hearing issues.

Chiropractors have the best tools and therapeutic techniques to diagnose and treat whiplash effectively. They are true whiplash specialists who can help you—without the use of heavy medications—in ways that your generalist family doctor may not be able to.

Relieve Even Minor Aches and Pains

Perhaps you’re suffering from annoying stiffness or slight pain in your upper body or face following a minor auto accident. Like a whiplash injury, minor aches that don’t quite rise to the level of seeking medical care for many are what chiropractors are more qualified to treat than most other healthcare professionals.

Don’t continually pop pain medicine (which can have dangerous side effects or potentially be defective) when chiropractic adjustments may solve your problems.

Improve Healing and Mobility

As we touched on above, chiropractic may be a solution following minor auto accidents to help you feel better than other traditional remedies. However, chiropractic care can also represent a later-stage healthcare option for serious auto injuries once you’ve already undergone more significant treatments like surgery.

Often, the healing process following significant medical procedures can be troublesome as stiffness and mobility issues can surface due to natural consequences such as scar tissue forming. Chiropractic can help patients learn valuable approaches to proper healing that promote mobility of joints and muscles despite inevitable physiological changes in their bodies.

Prevent Future Problems

Once again, in cases involving less severe car accidents, chiropractic may be the most effective course of treatment you can pursue to set your minor injuries on the best path to healing. The best chiropractors work to help you move past the need for frequent adjustments immediately following an accident and help you better understand your unique body’s needs after you’ve healed from your injuries.

Recovering from an Auto Accident? Call Our Law Firm in Greensburg, PA

Among the things we do better here at Westmoreland Injury Lawyers is setting ourselves apart from the big city law firms by acting as compassionate, caring neighbors helping neighbors. And this means connecting our valued clients to some of our fellow neighbors who—like us—can guide you through recovery from challenging personal injury scenarios.

Chiropractors and other spinal care practitioners in Greensburg and the wider Pittsburgh, PA region are certainly some of those fellow neighbors. Let us know which doctors are your favorite!

And remember—if you’ve been hurt in an auto accident, we urge you to call our law office to discuss your potential case. We want to be an integral part of your post-auto accident recovery team.

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