Form to apply for Social Security Disability Benefits

Why Should I Speak to a Local Disability Attorney if I Haven’t Applied?

Navigating disability claims today is much harder than it was just a few decades ago. There is more paperwork and much more detailed requirements for a disability claim. The process can also be confusing, as some of the language used on the forms is difficult to understand.

Having a law firm help with your disability claim will ensure you aren’t one of the many that get rejected initially for improper filing and documentation. When searching for “disability attorney near me,” you can choose Westmoreland Injury Lawyers and know you are getting the personalized attention your case deserves from attorneys who have your best interest at heart.

We understand that disability claims can be challenging to navigate, especially when you may be trying to heal from an accident that has changed your life in a drastic way, have a long-term disability, or you are dealing with a new disability. Disability claims are essential to help you move forward with your life in Greensburg, PA.

How Will a Lawyer Help My Case?

Applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) is not difficult to start, but you must meet Social Security’s definition of being “disabled” to receive the benefits. Other factors contribute to your likelihood of approval, and an experienced SSD lawyer can help you determine what evidence you need to submit.

When you work with our local SSD attorneys from day one, your application is more likely to be approved. Only about 25% of initial claims for social security disability benefits are granted but working with our lawyers at Westmoreland Injury Lawyers will increase the odds that your application is approved. We will help you collect the correct documentation as you navigate the complicated paperwork, breaking it down so you can understand what you need to do.

When Should I Contact a Disability Attorney Near Me?

If your medical condition that has begun to impact your life and you fear you will soon be unable to work or financially support yourself or your family, you may have a disability case. Like most personal injury cases, introducing a lawyer to the circumstances of your disability claim as early as possible is the right move. Having a local disability attorney on your side means you can work through the filing process together, and your attorney will be aware of your health concerns from the start.

In the case of a denial, your lawyer will already be familiar with your circumstances and will be able to help you navigate an appeal if they have been working with you since filing your claim. This knowledge is essential because you want a lawyer who understands how your disability has impacted your life and your ability to work. Having a lawyer aware of your case’s details can mean the difference between winning or losing an appeal.

At Westmoreland Injury Lawyers, we offer a free consultation to any potential client to go over what they have and determine if we are an excellent match to help them with their case.

What if I’ve Already Applied for Disability Benefits?

If you’ve already filed for social security disability benefits before consulting with a lawyer, wait for the paperwork to be processed and a decision to be reached. In the case of a denial, you can speak with a lawyer about trying to appeal the decision.

We understand that it’s incredibly frustrating to receive a letter of rejection when you apply for benefits you desperately need as you navigate everyday life. If you have been recently denied for your SSD claim, please get in touch with our law office today.

Should I Find an Experienced Disability Attorney Near Me?

Working with an experienced disability attorney near you is essential in many respects. Your lawyer should have your best interests in mind as they work on your case, and they need to have the experience to understand how to represent you best. General personal injury attorneys might claim to have the know-how to help you but fall short when they are trying to file an appeal in the case of a denial.

An experienced disability lawyer will stay in contact with you from your application submission to waiting for the Social Security Administration to decide about your claim because you need to be involved in the whole process. They will help you gather quality evidence for your case, including your work history and statements from your coworkers and supervisors, past or present. They can also help you determine who will make a good witness for your disability hearing.

When you work with the dedicated, experienced Social Security disability attorneys at Westmoreland Injury Lawyers, you will get the best results because our team of lawyers and paralegals is prepared to help you with your unique SSD case.  Contact us today to schedule a free legal consultation!

Westmoreland Injury Lawyers Want to Help with Your Disability Case

When you need help with your disability case, Westmoreland Injury Lawyers are here for you. Serving Greensburg, PA, our Social Security disability attorneys near you have the experience and the proven results you need to get you the benefits you deserve.

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