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latest case victories

$1.5 million for auto accident victim.

$775,000 for injured police officer.

$185,000 for workers' compensation client.

$592,864 for injured police officer.

$900,000 for victim of drunk driver.

$1.2 million defective drug class action settlement.

$500,000 for victim of medical malpractice.

$400,000 for injured Marcellus well workers.

$125,892 for injured police officer.

$344,368 for worker's comp client.

$285,000 for child dog bite victim.

$350,000 for auto accident victim.

$225,000 for auto accident victim.

$150,000 for auto accident victim.

$135,000 for workers' compensation client.

Hurt in an Accident? Get Personal or Workplace Injury Attorney Services in Greensburg, PA!

Westmoreland Injury Lawyers team

When you become hurt or ill due to someone else's negligence or carelessness, you need to get an experienced personal injury attorney working for you as soon as possible. In Greensburg, your best legal resource for personal injury matters is Westmoreland Injury Lawyers. Period.

Whether you've been hurt at work, as the result of an auto accident, or you're concerned that you've suffered due to medical malpractice or defective medication, our law firm is here to help. We have the knowledge and experience to help you protect your rights—and we always do whatever it takes to get the best outcomes for our personal injury clients. Our personal injury and workplace injury attorney services in Greensburg, PA, are some of the best because we care about your case and want to ensure you get the justice you deserve.

Our caring attorneys and staff are dedicated to friendly and personal service that eases confusion and fear for our valued clients.

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Discover Our Personal Injury Law Practice Areas

When you need a personal injury lawyer, you should seek only attorneys with this specific experience. There are many types of law practices, and not all lawyers know the ins and outs of personal injury law—it's a practice that requires professional knowledge.

At Westmoreland Injury Lawyers, we are the personal injury professionals right here in Greensburg—and we will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve no matter how you become injured. See us if you are involved in any of the following circumstances.

man calling in an auto accident


Getting the facts about your rights is vital if you're struggling with the aftermath of a debilitating car accident. You may be entitled to significant compensation for your injuries. A skilled car accident lawyer can make all the difference in these cases. Trust our caring and experienced accident attorneys.

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Auto Accident Lawyers

Workers' Compensation

Pennsylvania's workers' compensation laws are designed to ensure that employees who are hurt at work or disabled on the job are reimbursed for job-related medical expenses, hospital bills, and lost wages during recovery time. Things often go wrong with the WC process. Call us for help with workplace injury attorney services in Greensburg, PA.

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surgeons at work

Medical Malpractice

Medical injuries can occur in nearly any healthcare scenario or encounter—including during routine procedures and complicated surgeries—in outpatient facilities, nursing homes, or even top hospitals. If you believe you may be the victim of a medical mistake or malpractice, you must contact a personal injury lawyer.

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social security card

Social Security Disability

Westmoreland Injury Lawyers has the years of experience to help you get your benefits for the first time or resume disability benefits that have been unfairly stopped. Call our law firm in Greensburg today and talk with our SSD lawyers if you have any questions about or issues with Social Security Disability.

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man looking at prescription bottle

Recalled/Defective Drugs

Over-the-counter and prescription drug recalls are far more common than you think. As a result of the long-time emphasis on Big Pharma marketing, dangerous side effects and potential health problems have been hidden from the public eye. Have defective medications hurt you or a loved one? Our attorneys are here to help.

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Dealing with the aftermath of a workplace or personal injury can be challenging. Not only are you trying to heal, but you're dealing with insurance companies, your boss, your friends and family's questions, and more. You deserve someone on your team who can help you navigate these difficult circumstances so you can relax and heal.

Through our personal injury services in Greensburg, PA, there are many things we do better for our neighbors. First and foremost, Westmoreland Injury Lawyers is a small, local law firm serving our community's needs.

We understand that our clients are REAL people in challenging and often painful situations, not just another number in some giant case file database like at the big law firms. Yet we have the personal injury law experience you need—and we will fight to get you the maximum compensation possible.

Our Community

We Care About Our Community

Attorneys Chris Vallano and Tom Plaitano are committed to making Greensburg and the surrounding areas of Western PA a better place for their neighbors. They live and work here and support a variety of local causes beyond offering their legal skills and knowledge to help injured people fight for their rights.


We Use the Latest Technology

Just because we're a small, local firm, it doesn't mean we don't take advantage of the latest technology available in the legal field. We continually work hard to improve our case management process and software, so we always have the newest information available to serve our clients' interests—in the office or courtroom.


We Have Specialized Paralegals

Our top-notch paralegal staff is experienced and specially trained to handle every detail of your case, whether you've been injured in an auto accident or we're helping you with workers' comp. Each of our professionals has its own dedicated paralegal for unmatched, in-depth support for every client.

Collaborative Approach

We Take a Collaborative Approach

It's a fact. Much bigger firms often push to settle quickly to pay their own bills, but we know this is not the way to get the best outcome for a client. Our lawyers often work closely together to get our clients more compensation by pursuing every possible legal avenue.

Meet Our Attorneys

Learn How to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Here at Westmoreland Injury Lawyers, we find that most of our new clients are somewhat nervous about beginning the legal process, especially if they've never talked with a lawyer. But there is nothing to fear!

Want proof? Our Westmoreland Injury Lawyers blog is an excellent source of timely information to help you better understand your rights, no matter your personal injury situation. Check out one of our most popular blog posts—A Complete Guide to Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer.

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Unsure if You Have a Case?

Don't let uncertainty prevent you from calling us about your legal options. You have nothing to lose in contacting us for a free legal evaluation—and potentially much compensation to gain for your injuries. Whether you require personal injury or workplace injury attorney services in Greensburg, PA, we can help!

When our skilled lawyers take on your case, we do it with one goal in mind—winning. If we don't win and recover compensation for your personal injury, you don't pay. It's as simple as that. We work on a contingency basis, so our neighbors here in Greensburg have a risk-free legal resource they can count on when they're facing the difficulties of personal injury, medical bills, and loss.


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