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latest case victories

$1.5 million for auto accident victim.

$775,000 for injured police officer.

$185,000 for workers' compensation client.

$592,864 for injured police officer.

$900,000 for victim of drunk driver.

$1.2 million defective drug class action settlement.

$500,000 for victim of medical malpractice.

$400,000 for injured Marcellus well workers.

$125,892 for injured police officer.

$344,368 for worker's comp client.

$285,000 for child dog bite victim.

$350,000 for auto accident victim.

$225,000 for auto accident victim.

$150,000 for auto accident victim.

$135,000 for workers' compensation client.

4 Things Our Law Firm in Greensburg, PA, Does Better

Legal issues can come up anywhere in life. Marital separations, estate planning, and dealing with injuries can all benefit from the knowledge of a law attorney. Injuries can leave us especially vulnerable. That's why you want your case in the right hands. With your local lawyers here at Westmoreland Injury Lawyers, you will get personalized help from people who care about you and your community. Our law firm in Greensburg, PA wants to hear about your case. Schedule a free consultation with us today.

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1. Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Westmoreland Injury Lawyers is a small, local law firm serving the needs of our community in Greensburg, PA. We have proven results in our auto accidents, workers' compensation, medical malpractice, social security disability, and recalled/defective drug cases. Unlike big-city law firms that treat clients like a number in their case files, we understand that our clients are REAL people in challenging situations.

Our lawyers are friendly and approachable, creating an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect that puts our clients at ease immediately. We care about your case just as much as you do. If you are searching for a personal injury lawyer, our experienced attorneys are here to help. Our consultations are free, and we won't get paid unless you win your case. We have over 25 years of experience working with people just like you, so contact us today.

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2. Personal Service

At Westmoreland Injury Lawyers, we want you to be compensated for your case and have as little stress as possible in your experience with us. We take pride in keeping our clients informed about their cases throughout the duration. That's why we call you back promptly. It's why we work hard to keep you in the loop during every aspect of your case. It's why we answer all of your questions as they come up.

Legal issues can feel complex and difficult to navigate alone. We want you to relax and let us handle things for you, so you can concentrate on getting better and getting your life back on track. We are dedicated to providing you with personalized case management. Get help from your local law firm right here in Greensburg, PA.

3. We Use the Latest Technology

Just because we're a small, local firm in Greensburg, that doesn't mean we don't take advantage of the latest technology available. Our efforts to keep you in the loop as much as possible can only work if we have this information readily available at any time. We continually improve our case management process, so we always have the latest information available to serve our clients' interests.

We've invested in the latest case management software to keep up with ever-changing technologies. We work with all digital files and keep a complete log of notes for every case, so we know at a glance what's going on whether we're in the office, on our smartphones, devices, or in the courtroom.

This access to technology makes us the best lawyers for your case. We are ready at a moment's notice with information specific to you. Depending on what type of case we are working on for you, this access can help keep the process moving smoothly. We will do everything we can to ensure we are not slowing things down. Keeping ourselves organized digitally and updating to new technology is part of providing personalized service for you.

4. Dedicated Paralegals for Every Specialty

In addition to our experienced attorneys who specialize in auto accidents, workers' compensation, medical malpractice, social security disability benefits and recalled and defective drugs, we've invested in a top-notch paralegal staff to handle every detail of your case. In fact, each of our specialties has its own dedicated paralegal for unmatched, in-depth support for every client. This personalized care could only come from a local firm like Westmoreland Injury Lawyers LLC.

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When you're looking for a law firm near you in the Greensburg, PA area, make sure you give us a call. Our lawyers have an exceptional track record for getting results. We're so confident that you won't pay a fee unless we win money for you. Call our law offices today at 724-836-4380 or contact us below!

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